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Who I Am

My name is Tim Jarrett and I am the Director of Advanced Software Development with the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. I have more than 10 years of experience designing, developing, implementing, and maintaining secure, standards complaint, and cross platform compatible web, mobile, and desktop applications.

Past Open Source Projects

Two of my most famous projects to date, Gmail Signature Float (GSF) and Google Apps Themes (GAT) where greasemonkey scripts that extended the functionality of Gmail. Gmail Signature Float, in it's prime, had more than 50,000 users. It was used to manipulate Gmail's signature functionality. In particular, it allowed the user to "float" the signature above any quoted response and allowed other functionality like HTML in the signature.

Google Apps Themes brought themes to Google Apps. A smaller and more short-lived project it none-the-less had about 300 users.

Both scripts where discontinued because Google saw fit to build the functionality that the scripts provided directly in to Gmail

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