About Gmail Signature Float (GSF)

Gmail Signature Float (GSF) is a greasemonkey script that modifies Google Mail to move your signature from the bottom of any quoted reply to the top. This functionality is achieved by intercepting and rewriting the javascript functions in gmail that inject your signature into the message.

Gmail Signature Float does more than just float your signature to the top of the email message, it also allows you to remove the dashes that gmail automatically adds at the top of your signature and allows you to use HTML in your gmail signature.

Unlike some other greasemonkey scripts that require you to know javascript and edit source code, Gmail Signature Float provides a nice, easy-to-use, graphical interface for you to modify your settings. Merely install GSF, log in to Gmail, and click the "Settings" link at the top right corner of the page, scroll down to the "Signature" portion on the settings page. You will see check boxes for moving the signature above quoted responses, clearing dashes from the signature, and allowing html in the signature.

Warning - I have largely abandoned this project. Gmail has added support for most of this functionality via Gmail labs. The do not yet provide HTML signatures. I may revisit that problem in the future but for now this project should be considered dead.

Install Latest Version Now!!

Install Version 0.9 BETA (released 08-21-2007)

Gmail Signature Float Part Of Better Gmail

Lifehacker does it again and includes Gmail Signature Float in their Firefox extension "Better Gmail". How awesome is that? I haven't had too many complaints yet so it must be working ok. However, some upcoming features (update notifier, long signatures, etc), may break when confronted with other Gmail scripts... so beware!

Gmail Signature Float Featured on LifeHacker.com

Holy smokes! Gmail Signature Float is featured on lifehacker! I love that site! Awesome!

Gmail Signature Float 0.8.2 Release - 04-05-2007

I know it's been awhile since an update... but why mess with perfection? Actually, a user, Raymon, emailed to point out that the 'Allow HTML' and 'Remove Dashes' functionality wasn't working if composition of an email was started from the contact list pages.

This release fixes that - that's it - simple and sweet.

Gmail Signature Float 0.8.1 Released - 11-04-2006

Announcing the small release of Gmail Signature Float 0.8.1 BETA.

This release should fix some compatibility issues with the settings page when the user is using a language besides english. Sorry, but the settings text that GSF adds in will still be in English. Also, the method of injecting the html into the 'Settings' page was changed to be less intrusive.