About Google Apps Themes (GAT)

Google Apps Themes is a greasemonkey script that allows users of Google Apps to utilize some of the Gmail Themes that are available to regular Gmail users.

More than that, GAT potentially allows 3rd party developers to develop their OWN themes that can be applied using the Gmail Themes interface.

WARNING - This script is still VERY much in BETA (or maybe in ALPHA). It won't hurt anything (I don't think) but I am, of course, not responsible if it does. You may encounter bugs. Any bugs you do encounter, please email me at .

Install Latest Version Now!!

Install Version 0.0.4 BETA (released 03-18-2009)

Change Log

0.0.4 [install]

  • Changed way themes are stored. File size halved.
  • Added better handling of invalid theme names (resulting in less crashing, greater reliability)

0.0.3 [install]

  • Added the following themes
    • Steel
    • Minimalist
    • Green Sky
    • Bubblegum
    • Cherry Blossom
    • Night Shade
    • Marina
    • Dusk
    • Sunset
    • Silver Lining
    • Contrast Black
    • Desk
  • Changed the way the preview is rendered
  • Added support for highlighting currently selected theme
  • Added support for highlighting currently moused-over theme
  • Fixed font-size in theme selection page
  • Added a way to easily check for updates
  • Tweaked the way that themes are loaded, slightly increasing reliability

0.0.2 [install]

  • Fixed script name in greasemonkey header
  • Added support for the "New Blue" and "Cold Shower" themes
  • Changed default theme to "Default" rather than "Shiny"