I've recently purged some of the old javascript projects that I had here in the labs because there are many nice libraries out there, such as prototype and scriptaculous that make doing those things -- like dragging and dropping -- easy.

Use the navigation on the left to explore the various projects.

MS Word Char Scrubber converts your word documents into plain ascii -- especially stripping out the horrible right and left quotes and other non-standard characters.

SearchList is a tool for replacing long select boxes. Instead, present your users with what looks like a textbox. As they type into it, they are presented with options that match their query -- all through the power of Ajax.

Link Grazer is a project that will find all the links on a particular webpage. The idea was to write an engine for crawling websites to do various things (check links, create site indices, etc).

Javascript White Board is a quick DHTML/ajaxy "white board" that I slapped together a few years ago. Yeah it's slow. But it was a proof of concept. There are tons of these out there -- both written in AJAX and Flash -- that are much better.